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About Wolf & Mishka

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Wolf & Mishka is a Melbourne-based design label that merges a love of clothing, ceramic jewellery, homewares, crafts and unique creations of all kinds.

Instead of designing for the masses, our focus is on the hand-made and the hand-drawn, while keeping everything we do local. We immerse ourselves wholeheartedly in the creative process, making each unique piece individually, with love and designed to be treasured for years to come!

To celebrate Christmas Wolf & Mishka have released a special printed collection. In collaboration with Landscape Artist, Andrew Pye, who is also designer Natalia’s brother, they bring you two landscape artworks by Pye, that have been digitally printed onto a luxurious silk viscose. This is a limited edition printed range.

We hope you find your must-have item; when you do, you’ll know you’re one of a small group of people in the world who has it.

                                 Made in Melbourne.