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Wolf & Mishka News

Welcome to Wolf & Mishka!

This is proving to be a very exciting year already and we haven’t even passed January.

This month Wolf & Mishka officially launched!!!

It’s been an extremely fun and creative project to get off the ground, and while I look forward to the year ahead filled with exciting creations and inspiring projects, I want to pause briefly and thank a few people that have really helped me out.

A BIG Wolf & Mishka thank you goes out to a very talented friend @daniellagermain for not only helping design the website, but designing the logo!

Dany is an extremely talented freelance illustrator and graphic designer who creates beautiful and unique wedding invitations. Check out her website and blog (which has just posted a very sweet piece about Wolf & Mishka).

I bought a pair of camper shoes and now I am broke

Another big thank you goes out to my friend Nat Hernandez – an extremely talented graphic designer and photographer. Nat very graciously gave up her weekend to take Wolf & Mishka’s first set of product shots – and anyone who has attempted something similar will vouch this is no mean feat!

I’d like to mention my gorgeous friend Sharon Soh, who I have the pleasure of sitting opposite every day! She has been an absolute gem and support through all the complications that come with starting a site. Looking forward to a year of creative juices flowing!

Stay tuned for more Wolf & Mishka news, posted here every month.