We are FAM-ILY!

Recently Wolf & Mishka teamed up with landscape artist Andrew Pye – the brother of Wolf & Mishka’s founder and designer Natalia. We chose two landscape artworks together that were then digitally printed onto a luxurious silk viscose.

Andrew Pye’s paintings explore his personal experience of post-drought Victoria, a settling of the seasons. Optimistic ecological elements are punctuated with old pubs, livestock and fallen limbs of trees. “I have focused on the compositional elements of the pieces and for the first time, every piece tells a story. These works stretch from Western Victorian to the North East, and back to the Bays and Southern Coast.” The changes in local gum types are all taken into consideration, but ultimately its the diverse terrain of Victoria that fascinates Andrew. “One can encounter rolling green hills with pristine waters of Flinders, then by lunchtime be presented with the red earth and dust from the Southern Grampians”.  Andrew’s gestural representations of natural landscapes provide a picturesque visit to regional Victoria.

This is a limited edition printed range.

To see more of Andy’s work visit his Instgram here

Check out Andy’s upcoming Exhibition at Boom Gallery, Geelong

22 February – 18 March 2018

New Tree Scenes – Andy Pye

Opening celebrations Saturday 24 February from 2:00pm-4:00pm.