Most will agree Winter bites … I disagree.

What a fantastic excuse to get cosy, find that woolly jumper you haven’t worn in a hundred years and start that project you have been putting off for six months!

You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with an afternoon of non-interrupted creative craft bliss! Which I like to call…Crafternoon!

A few of my favourite (weekend) things…

– Discovering a new type of clay to play with. Visit your local kiln or ceramic supplier. There’s more around than you think!

– Even better … invite a friend to clay-a-noon with you!

– Make POM POMS!!! These look great when sewn together in all different colours. Thread onto a chain or suede cord for a unique necklace. Or just throw around the house for your cat… or dog… but make sure they don’t eat them. Or you’ll be picking up coloured wool for weeks…

The aim is to enjoy these winter months, not to stir inside. Find something fun to do, grab a friend and go for it!