On the 10th of December, Lucile Sciallano (La Petite Fabrique de Brunswick) invites you to the Backyard Studio Sale.

She will open her studio to the public, to show the place where she makes and creates her beautiful ceramics. Lucile is also very excited to share her friends’ colourful and playful work, whilst enjoying a market outside in the sun.

When: Saturday 10th December – 10am-6pm

Where: 195 Weston St, Brunswick

We’ll be there along with an exciting range of makers, such as Dawn Vachon, who makes utilitarian and sculptural ceramics; Alterfact 3d prints porcelain pieces for home and kitchen; Dawn Tang crafts beautiful thrown ceramics with sunset tones; Min Pin specialises in alternative jewellery, homewares and prints; Marissa makes silver jewellery; Togetherness Design illustrates and prints patterned homewares; and Tara Whalley with her ethical textiles and bold prints.

Come on down, get some Christmas shopping in, and have some fun in the sun!